PyHack 2024

Problem Statement

Teams participating in hackathon are supposed to choose a problem statement and hence solve that problem using python language, python packages and frameworks.

  1. Cash Prizes worth 32,500 INR
  2. Certificates to be awarded to every team / participant.
  3. One-on-One interaction with assigned representatives for Doubt and query solving regarding the conduction and Guidelines of the hackathon.
  1. The Hackathon is open to all.
  2. A team should consists of minimum 2 and max 4 members
Rules and Guidelines for team
  1. Every student must have their college identity document as their identification proof.
  2. Intercollege grouping for team is allowed
  3. Every student must register by paying the registration fee
Git & GitHub

Installation and Setup

  1. Download the latest version of git and install it.
    (Download link -
  2. Create an account on GitHub.
  3. GitHub introduction link-
    ( )
  4. Download the latest version of GitHub Desktop and sign in.
    (Download link - )
  5. Create a private repository and add all your team members as collaborators and add one volunteer member.
  6. Keep the repository empty until the start of Hackathon (etc. 15/05/2024).
  1. Only the Team leader will create a private repository on his/her GitHub Account.
  2. Multiple repositories per team are NOT ALLOWED (i.e. one team should have one repository.)
  3. Repository name should be: PyHack24-<(Team Name)> -<(Problem Statement No.)>
  4. Once the Hackathon starts, teams must compulsorily push 3 commits per Day (minimum)
  5. No team will be allowed to Push/Pull to the repository after or before the Hackathon.
Do's and Don'ts
  1. DO NOT commit zip files to the repository.
  2. Avoid committing compilation output files (e.g. .exe, .jar, .dll, etc).
  3. Avoid committing 'videos' and other large sized test data used in AI/ML in your Git repository. To share the videos and test data among the team members use services like Google drive, Drop box or One Drive.
  4. DO NOT do small commits. Commit any logical or major changes only.
  5. Only team leader (or just one person) committing to the repository is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Fees : ₹500 (Per Head)
Registration Link :

Prizes worth

1st PRIZE : ₹ 15000
2nd PRIZE : ₹ 10000
3rd PRIZE : ₹ 7500

Contact Details

Mr. Gajendra Deshpande
+91 90084 50948

Mr. Rahul Halkarni
+91 9978723883

Mr. Somanath Dalavi
+91 7204684097

Miss Revati Kulkarni
+91 6361755523

  1. Rules mentioned above are subject to change at any time. Participants should check for the latest updated PDF on the official website of BelPy 24. BelPy 24 reserve all rights regarding rules and regulations.
  2. There will be multiple hackathon venues in Belagavi. Teams from Belagavi and neighbouring cities must participate in offline mode. Online participation is possible only for teams other than Belagavi and neighbouring cities. Teams that are selected for grand finale must present their work offline.
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